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Hi I'm Dori of Colourful Keto With Dori. I found Keto by accident and fell in love inspite of myself. I fell in love with whole foods and food that loves me back. My passion is creating the keto solutions you never dreamed of.
Let's take a walk on the fun side of Keto!!

About Us

IN LIVING COLOUR - our live stream and video stop for recipes!! If you have to see it... To believe it... Pop by and check out the latest, live stream, YouTube and Facebook video recipes. Share your favourite video recipes and find your new favourites!!!

I DON'T WANNA COOK BUT EVERYONE CAN'T STARVE - our quick go to... 20min or less meals and snacks. Share your favourite quick must make dishes!! If you're like Dori... and almost every day is a round of... Well dang it... I didn't take anything out for dinner... And these people wanna eat again... Lol ... didn't I feed you yesterday? Let's get something quick and healthy on the table!!

PICKY KID APPROVED - our Kids Zone!! Help the cause!! Share the Love!! If you have a picky kid approved recipe... We Need to Share!!
#veggiesarecool #youdontknow #bringingveggiesback
Fun easy kid approved recipes and live videos!!

FREE ZONE - -(aka the FAUX ZONE) our recipes for all kinds of restrictions!! If you are looking for recipes minus specific ingredients... Find and share them here!!! Aaaamazing creations... Without Dairy, Nuts, Eggs, Sweetener, Colour, Extracts, Night Shades... If you think... Great... I can eat like 5 things... Maybe you can have things you didn't imagine!!!

KETO ON A DIME - our best money ... saving tips!!! Share them... Find them!! Healthy doesn't have to be expensive!! Let's learn how!! (I say we spend the extra on new clothes!! ......Who's with me?!) #ketoonadime

ALL ABOUT THE PREP - our spot for weekly meal prep and bulk cook recipes!! How do you get ready for the week? Share recipes and strategies to get prepared each week.

GOTTA GO - our spot to share all our on the go favorites!! #ketoonthego School ... Lunch ideas, Work Snacks, Platters Parties and anything you want to go! Including your must have snacks and hacks!

DEATH BY DESSERT... - our destination for all things delicious decidant and delightful!! If you are dying to try it... Share it... Or find the best dessert recipes... Here's the spot!!

APPROVED - our collection of Low Carb and Keto Friendly products ...
if you found something new...
Or are looking for something new!!
Here is the spot! See where being a Unicorn ... will save you money!! Check for current and upcoming discounts and promotions!!